Jodie Steiner

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These dishes are just a sample of what I'm currently preparing.  Menu choices are seasonal and constantly evolving, and I'm happy to work with any recipes ideas you'd like. See something in a magazine that sounds appealing?  Food craving been nagging at you?  Trusted family recipe that you just don't have time to make yourself?  I'll do my best to accommodate your requests. 

​Dinner parties and special events are tailored to the occasion and personalized to your tastes.

Starting a gluten-free diet?  Can't stand cilantro?  Allergic to tomatoes?  With Plenty, every meal is made entirely from scratch and personalized exactly to your tastes and your dietary needs.  No worries about "hidden" ingredients or choosing between one menu item or another to avoid allergens or flavors you don't like.  

Whether you're enjoying regular meal service or entertaining friends at home, everything we do is done your way.  
To customize your meal service or event, 
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